1. Books

Order my first book, A Warriors Reminder: A Collection of Reminders for Healing and Self-Empowerment.

2. Coaching

As a qualified Spiritual Life Coach, I provide a 1:1 coaching service for clients who hope to gain clarity and

perspective to help navigate through their challenges. Find out more here: Coaching with Ash

3. Public Speaking

I am open to speaking at your event on all topics related to healing, social justice issues,

holistic wellbeing and mental health. Book me.

4. Workshops

My interactive journaling workshops are an opportunity for us to do the healing work, individually and collectively.

My attendees are ready to have honest conversations and begin their journey towards wholeness.

I can offer both online and in-person workshops.

5. Writing Opportunities

I am open to writing opportunities with publications, charities and companies. Book me.

6. Ask me anything: Reading

This is a low-cost way to get in-depth confidential advice service from me to help you gain clarity and

insight to overcome any obstacle that you’re facing. Find out more.

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