Unexpected Change

Have you ever experienced unexpected change? Life appears to be going seemingly well but then all of a sudden, you’re hit with unexpected changes that force you to readjust your life.

Change can hit us when we least expect it. It can be destabilising. It may require you to adjust, reorder and shift your life in ways that were previously unplanned.

My life has been a series of changes this year, some expected and others unexpected. I’ll be real with you, only recently have I adjusted to some unexpected changes that have taken place this year. I’ve spent months feeling ungrounded, struggling to find my feet again. Now that I can finally feel the ground, I’ve been reflecting on my relationship with unexpected change. I thought maybe these insights could help both you and me when the next wave of change arrives.

Reminders on change

Reminder 1: Change is a reminder of the things that are beyond our control. It reminds us to surrender to the unpredictability and uncertainty that are inherent in life. You can make plans but the divine may have other plans for your life. Know that there’s a greater plan being orchestrated behind the scenes. Redirection is God’s protection.

Reminder 2: It’s an opportunity to reflect on your inner and outer world. Change can reveal to us the areas of our lives that have remained stagnant. It also holds up a mirror to the things in our lives that are and aren’t working. Change is an opportunity to make the necessary internal and external adjustments in order to lead a more fulfilling and balanced life.  

Reminder 3: Change is calling you to exercise faith. There are some changes that may leave you feeling worried and fearful. These changes are calling you to have faith that everything will find a way to work itself out. Surrender to the unknowns and trust that everything is happening for your greater good.

Reminder 4: Change is an opportunity to rebuild the foundation by which you’re operating. Change allows you to mend, adjust or change the bricks of your internal and external foundation. Through making the necessary adjustments, you will find yourself navigating life with a stronger sense of self and a life that is more aligned with your values and integrity.

Question for Self-reflection: 📝

1) What recent changes have you experienced?
2) What are the lessons you’ve learned from your recent experience of change?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

Love Ash, x

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