Trust Your Timing

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Do you believe that you’re going to achieve your goals? If so, then why do we get impatient when things are not happening fast enough? Having faith that you will reach your goals is fundamental for achieving success. However, it’s easier said then done when you constantly see other people achieving amazing things and you are not close to reaching your goals.

When you’re not where you want to be in life and feel like things aren’t manifesting in the way you envisioned, it can make you lose hope in the process. I think for my generation (18-30’s), there’s a huge amount of pressure to live your ‘best life’ at such a young age. Social Media has played a huge role in the pressure to be successful. On a daily basis, we are constantly reminded of people’s riches and success. We barely see people sharing their struggles. All we see is the finalised ‘image’ of what success looks like and this drives us to feel impatient with our own journeys.

Additionally, social media has afforded people the opportunity to establish themselves and making a living through platforms like YouTube and Instagram. The downside of social media is phenomenon’s like ‘overnight celebrities’ where we’d see people becoming popular and as a result, using their leverage to achieve their financial/business goals. Seeing people reach success almost effortlessly added to the growing impatience some of us feel with our own progress. Reaching instant success is way more appealing than having to put in the work to achieve your goals, so it’s no wonder why many of us find ourselves so impatient.

However social media isn’t entirely to blame for this phenomenon. The desire to want things ‘now’ is also rooted in our economic system. Everything we want is mostly at the click of a button. We live in a consumer society which values instant gratification. The reality is there’s so much pressure and it’s difficult navigating life without feeling like you have to meet certain expectations.

There’s so much pressure…pressure from society, ourselves and others. Therefore when you’re doubting your journey, it’s really important to remind yourself of a few things that will make you feel better.

When you’re doubting yourself and feeling impatient with your journey remind yourself of these 6 things you can do:

1. Stop watching others- The phrase  “Water your own grass” applies perfectly here. You need to be so focused on trying to make your dreams a reality that other people’s success doesn’t make you question yourself. Comparing yourself to what other people are doing is only going to make you feel worse about your progress. Pour all the energy you spend watching other people’s success into your own and watch your seeds blossom into something unimaginable.

2.  Take a step back- Don’t be afraid to take some time out to reflect on your progress. Taking time away to re-strategise helps us see things in a fresh new lens and may give us answers to what is required to achieve your goals. This also helps spark creativity and give you the energy you need to propel forward.

3. Go over your goals- Remember those goals you wrote down? Make it a daily or weekly practice to remind yourself of those short/long term goals. This will help remind you of the bigger picture and give you hope that you can transcend your current obstacles.

4. Celebrate every milestone, even if it’s small- Make it a regular practice to celebrate yourself, even for the little things. For example, say to yourself; “I am proud of myself for posting a new blog post or I’m glad I spoke up at work today because that’s improving my confidence skills”. All those small things should not go unnoticed because a bunch of small victories is what will eventually result in you achieving a bigger goal.

5. Write down your WHY or figure it out (define your purpose)- You need to figure out your intentions behind why you want to achieve that said goal and make it a practice to remind yourself of it every day. Maybe you want to achieve financial freedom because you want to provide for your family or you might really want transform other peoples lives. Whatever is it, reminding yourself of the purpose will help ease you through times of uncertainty.

6. Reach out to others- If you’re feeling low about yourself, reach out to someone. Often times we convince ourselves that we are the only ones going through these struggles. By reaching out to others, it can help put things into perspective and restore confidence in ourselves. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, try finding a support group or a workshop to connect with people who are trying to achieve similar things as you.

Affirmations for Daily Practice:

“What is mine is always for me”

“I trust God’s timing”

“My struggles add character to my success story”

“The universe is aligning right now to work in my favour”

Quote on Trust your Timing:

“Just because it hasn’t happened for me yet doesn’t mean it won’t. There’s always room for me to succeed. It doesn’t matter if someone got there faster than me…what is for me will not miss me. I live by my own timing and will not be rushed by others. I choose long term gratification overnight short time success.” -ashalves

Thank you for reading!


Questions to you: Do you have goals that you are working to accomplish?

Do you believe you can achieve it?


Love Ash, xx


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31 responses to “Trust Your Timing”

  1. Yes. Ironically, I was working on my calendar before I read this. I often get tired of doing what needs to be done and not seeing any results, or rather the results I’m looking for.

    1. I feel you on that one! It’s definitely hard especially when you can’t see the rewards of your work. I’m sure you’re going to reach your goals and be successful in your own way. We’ve got this! 😊✨

      1. Thanks for the encouragement and support. Successful beyond my wildest dreams, that’s what I’m going for. You’re right, we will get there.

  2. Impatient towards our goals is most contributed by people around us and just situation for example sometimes you might want a car and plan that you will buy in two years time due to your current priorities then some close to you buys a car and you are now feeling like a none achiever, that will put pressure on your to buy a car sooner than you planned.

    1. Yeah that’s very true. There’s a lot of contributing factors to why we get impatient about not achieving our goals. I think the car example relates to the pressure of being on a capitalist society especially if you’re trying to make a living but don’t the financial means. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 😊

  3. I really love all of the helpful guidance you gave here. I really needed to learn these tips so that I don’t rush myself towards my goal. Long term gratification beats overnight success. I love it.

    1. Hey Sarell, I’m so glad this message resonated with you. We all fall into it at some point but I’d take long term gratification bears overnight success! Thank you for reading and I wish you the best- I’m sure you’ll be extremely successful 😊

  4. Yes, impatience sets in, but your suggestions are spot on. I have a note-card beside my bed that says, “God of Acceleration.” Working along consistently, no matter how long it takes; God can grab that dream and accelerate it in the blink of an eye. Stay faithful to your dream! xxx

    1. Oh I love this! What a beautiful message to see first thing in the morning. You’re so right- just because it hasn’t happened yet pdoesn’t mean things aren’t aligning in your favor. Always love your insights xxx

      1. You are the sweetest soul. xx Have a marvelous day! xxx

  5. I admire your maturity at such a young age. You seem to have a good insight about human expectations in today’s world. I loved this post!
    And last but most importantly,thank you so much for following my blog.I am pleased to have you with my blog and i am sure you will like my other posts too as i like yours!
    Have a great time,Ash!

    1. That’s very kind of you! Thank you so much, it’s not words I hear often haha. I’m glad I found your blog- you’re always sharing thought provoking, empowering posts. Keep up the good work! I hope you have an amazing week 😊

  6. Another excellent post, Ash. Thanks for the reminder that I must trust that the timing is right for me.

    1. Thank you for reading Rosaliene! I think we all need this reminder from time to time. Hope you have a lovely week 😊✨

  7. Very educative and so on point! Thanks, Ash darling for posting this lovely post!

    1. Aww thank you for your words! I really oappreciate you reading this 💕✨

      1. You are welcome 😊 Sorry for late reply

  8. Ash always reminding one of the reason of being human.
    Love this post, yes i believe I can and will achieve my goals through determination, faith and hardwork.
    Thanks so much for the write up.

    1. Thank you Nat! I appreciate your kind words. And yes that’s it- those three words are what’s going to get us through. Those are all the ingredients of success. I hope you’re having a nice week so far 💕

      1. Yes dear and you ❤

  9. Really learning to trust that everything I want and work for will come into fruition ❤️ Thank you Ash!! Literally saying what I’ve been thinking about, I’ve been thinking how do we show the process without coming across “all doom and gloom” because seeing the highlights can be really disheartening especially when we are struggling

    1. Yess I’m so glad you feel like that 💜 I know right I’m mindful of constantly complaining but I feel like a lot of people can related to it and it’s valid expressing our struggles just as much as expressing joy. Thank you for reading Saabirah! 😊

      1. Definitely!! I think it’s just having that balance, sharing the good and the bad days without guilt

  10. hello, hello, very positive post, pictures wonderful as well, i hope you have a great start of the week, i’m glad to follow you🤗

  11. Love this post, you are so inspiring!

    1. Aw thank you, I really appreciate that 😭💜

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  13. We are all greated for a purpose .Time always stand as a big challenges on our way when all efforts result into nothing .But with stubborn CONSISTENCY and determination success is guaranteed .

    1. I agree couldn’t have said it better. I believe that’s the key to success and works without fail thank you 🌷

  14. Waw👌👌👌Geart post and very thoughtful ✌️

    1. Thank you so much for reading 💜

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