Feeling Invisible and Overshadowed

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In a world with so many huge personalities, it’s easy to feel overshadowed and invisible. This can cripple us into thinking we aren’t good enough or even worse, that hardly anyone cares about our existence. I just want to remind you that you are not alone.

I believe that living in the shadows gives you a unique vantage point to the rest of the world. It can be used as an opportunity to do a lot of internal work and gain greater awareness of self.  Whilst we shouldn’t accept the narrative of being invisible as our destiny, we can use it as a tool to become better people and most importantly work on validating our own existence. Also, other people’s inability to recognize us never will determine our worth. If people don’t recognize your greatness, it’s always their loss not yours. Being slept on is upsetting, but I always try to remind myself that the people who matter will always pay attention and will never make you feel invisible.

So for those of us who battle with feeling invisible- lets’ try to be an example of someone who will commit to being brave enough to be themselves, regardless of being recognized, to remind the millions of people who feel the exact same way that we are all worthy of existing.

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