The Gratitude Journal: March 20′

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Hello loves,

We made it to another month!

This month’s gratitude journal is about action- taking action to create the life we truly want to live. Before I get into it, I just wanted to have a moment to express gratitude for life itself. I am grateful for the opportunity to breathe and exist in the world. I am reminded that waking up each morning is not a given. I honour that blessing by striving to be my best self and being unapologetic about who I am. I choose to move in the direction of my life’s purpose even when I’m scared. Even when things don’t go according to plan, I trust in the divine timing of my life and that things will align in a way that’s best for me.

The theme of March is about action. Putting the work into creating the life we want to live. Shifting our mindset from complaining to finding solutions to our problems. It means asking, what action steps can I take address this issue? The time is now to act on manifesting the type of life that we want to create. The time is now to live every single day in alignment with our life’s purpose. Even if some days look like a crawl, we are being called to be in movement. Taking action doesn’t always require grand gestures. It can look like research, creating your first design or even going to a networking event. The most important thing is that we are in movement.

How long are you going to keep your brilliant ideas to yourself? We wait for the right time to execute ideas and continue to prolong taking action when the majority of the time, there’s nothing to wait for. We hold ourselves back from potential failures. I’d rather fail forward knowing that I tried, than hold onto an idea that the world didn’t even get to a chance to see. I say do it anyway. Keep moving, even if you are petrified.

I wish you all a blessed month <3

Question to you: 

What are you grateful for this month?

Love Ash, xx

15 responses to “The Gratitude Journal: March 20′”

  1. i grateful for the chances i get to try new things

    1. Marla Rubenstein Avatar
      Marla Rubenstein

      love you Ash, so inspiring. Thank you for you. Dealing with alot of fear lately… personal reasons –
      do you have something for facing, overcoming, or tolerating our fears ? Or even still being afraid but a little less so , so the fear doesnt have as tight a grip?

      1. Hey Marla, aw thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad you resonate with my work. Unfortunately I don’t have a blog post on fear however I definitely will take this into consideration when making new content. Sending you love <3

  2. I am grateful for each day and each step I take towards my life purpose

    1. Amazing! I feel the same way. Every single day is truly a blessing 💞💞

      1. keep on shining the light in dark places! you are a blessing!

      2. Aww I really appreciate that, that made me smile! Thank you for your support, it means alot <3

      3. then we are smiling together. you are welcome!

  3. Marching forward to Manifestation. Thank you Ash for the inspiration.

    1. That’s amazing! And no worries, glad you enjoyed it <3

  4. Life ❣️

    1. Amazing 🌷💞

  5. I see myself as a survivor. There were situations that could have kept me all bones in the depth but here I am. Healthy and hearty – living and happy. So each day I wake up, I’m thankful for life, Ash.

    1. Oh I love this! Your life is a testament that good things await us if we keep going. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing <3

      1. You’re welcome💖

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