The Gratitude Journal: June 20′

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It’s June,

I’m so grateful to be alive, experiencing a new month. I’m thankful that despite being in a pandemic, I have remained safe and so have the people around me. I know that blessing is not afforded to everyone. 

I wish I could be ecstatic about this upcoming month but we are currently in a crisis right now. Not only are we still experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic and seeing people die at exponential rates, but we are also witnessing a global awakening to institutional racism and structural oppression.

I’m sick and tired of seeing black bodies being killed. This issue has existed for over 500+ years. Despite the changes and transitions, the root problem still exists. Inequality has not disappeared because we never dismantled the systems that continue to perpetuate the issue. Change won’t come from within the system. We need to start again, nationally, and globally.   

Even though this period is very distressing, there are things you can do to actively make a difference.

Here’s a list of things you can do:


Write- Release your anger, rage, sadness, and disappointment on paper

Self-care- Meditate, connect to nature, take a bath, read a book, watch a series, paint

Action- Donate to a cause, create change in your community, educate yourself & others

Energy cleansing- Cleanse your energy through dancing, long walks, prayer or exercising


I hope you all remain safe and have a great month. 

Black lives Matter! 

Love Ash, xx 

3 responses to “The Gratitude Journal: June 20′”

  1. The pic in your blog speaks so much dear. I also started blogging for the same reason. I love the way you empower your race and femininity girl. I think you are making the best out it. Keep blogging dear….
    Dessert flower all the way from india 🌸✌

  2. Great points! Thanks for sharing 🙏🏾
    #BlackLivesMatter ✊🏿

    1. It’s my pleasure and say Black Lives Matter! I hope you’re staying safe 💜☺️

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