The Gratitude Journal; Feb 2020

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In the wake of the recent death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, it bought to people’s attention the fragility of life itself. We shy away from talking about death because it’s associated with pain, grief and loss. When a death occurs, it often puts things into perspective. You begin to think about how much people in your life mean to you.

I think we should welcome more conversations around death. It’s a human reality and part of the cycle of life. Life has no meaning without death. When we talk about death we open ourselves up to healing around our deceased loved ones. Our thirst for consumerism and fast paced living within capitalist culture makes it difficult to talk about the reality of death.

We need to talk about death so we can begin to experience death as a completion of life as a opposed to a loss of one. Death puts things into perspective and reminds us of the importance of moving in the path of creating the best lives for ourselves. It reminds us that we can’t allow our fears and insecurities to get in the way of living a joyful, loving, success, abundant life.

By acknowledging our eventual demise, we begin to have a new found appreciation for time and all forms of life around us. The thought that we are simultaneously dying whilst we are living means we are able to center ourselves, be our desired forms, manifest abundance in this life whilst we have it. You begin to live those moments with friends family. You allow a culture where we are able to mourn death of loved ones without feeling like the world has left them behind. You begin to life consciously in the now.

RIP Kobe Bryant, his Daughter, everyone that died in the crash & many more people who passed at such a young age.

Questions for Personal Reflection: 

What would I do if I knew I had limited amount of time on this earth?

What contribution do I want to make on this earth?

If you were to die, what would matter the most to you?

What do you want to be remembered for?

Question to You:

What are you grateful for this month?

I would love to start a conversation around this topic.

Let me know your thoughts!

Love Ash xx

16 responses to “The Gratitude Journal; Feb 2020”

  1. It’s definitely a tough subject to talk about. I lost a number of relatives over the last 3 years and it really brought things into perspective that people can just be gone in a moment. What I’ve learnt is to appreciate the people in my life and making sure those I care about know that I do. I’m doing what I can to support and encourage others when I can. At the end of the day I just want to do my best to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

    1. That’s amazing how you’ve used your pain of loss to help you support& encourage others. That’s truly what life is all about and death is a reminder of what’s truly important. This is great and thank you for sharing 💞🌷

  2. am gratefuk gor being alive, having roof over my head and 3 meals

    1. That’s lovely! All important things to be grateful for, I hope you have a blessed month 💜

  3. Very true! We should have more open conversations about death. Ive been thinking about it more often and i remember Nipsey hussles mum saying death is nothing to fear. And I’m starting to realise that. If we do all we were supposed to do on this earth and live in the way we were intended too- death is just the next phase- the next stop on our eternal journeys. Death is when we truly start to live forever. If we spend this life healing learning and growing as we should- the transition to the next realm should be joyous.

    1. Yes you said it very well. I remember hearing the same interview from the Mom and it touched me so deeply. Nipsey lived out his purpose and even though his death is painful, it’s a reminder to all of us to live fully & not hold back. I think more conversations about death is important so we can look more into life after the demise of our physical bodies. Thank you for reading and commenting 💗😊

  4. I always say and feel we are all on borrowed time and leasing it all,to me it’s how we treat one another and how you can watch all and be greedy and think this is forever or that this journey is the best,love like water is very necessary and important,mourn the ones we lose,also appreciate the lesson we learn, appreciate your piece and it hit home.peace

    1. Yes I 100% agree with you. So important to appreciate the lessons we’ve learned and not life too seriously! Thank you for reading and glad you enjoyed it 🌷😊

      1. You always bringing the truth,much respect and peace

  5. Tough indeed. I don’t know anyone who are reconciled to death. It’s an unnatural thing in my estimation since I don’t believe we were originally created to die.

    Questions for Personal Reflection: 
    What would I do if I knew I had a limited amount of time on this earth?
    – this goes without saying for me that I would just continue being mindful and kind to others
    What contribution do I want to make on this earth?
    – kindness and love
    If you were to die, what would matter the most to you?
    – my family and those who impacted my life positively

    What do you want to be remembered for?
    – kindness
    Question to You:
    What are you grateful for this month?
    -grateful for just waking up each day. Life isn’t guaranteed

  6. Love this! And the questions at the end are so important to ponder. It hit home for me recently. Beautiful post.

    1. Thank you so much! Glad that you find them useful. Have a great day <3

  7. Great post! Powerful and insightful. Being grateful for all the little things around us is a key to happiness. I have uploaded an article on my website written by my daughter titled things to be grateful for – – Feel free to check it out!

    1. Thank you! And so true we do need to express gratitude more often. And great I will check that out. 💜😊

  8. Contemplate your own death, your own parents death. Maybe then will today be lived with more presence and care.
    But if overdone anxiety may ensue.

    Reflection is very useful at finding the deeper meaning in things.
    This is the sort of thing that I love to talk about.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I love that! You are so right- it’s important to think and talk about death but of course it’s not something to be overdone. It’s my pleasure thank you for reading this <3

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