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Struggling and need advice? I can help you!

One to two page downloadable writing document.

Cost: £20

This is a low-cost way to get in-depth confidential advice service from me to help you gain clarity and insight to overcome any obstacle that you’re facing.

Ask me a question and you will receive a one to two page downloadable document.

BOOK YOUR READING HERE: Ask me anything reading.

Topics I specialise in:

  • Family dysfunction
  • Relationships; Romantic, Friendship
  • Confidence and Low self-esteem issues
  • Highly sensitive people, empaths
  • Shadow work and self-alchemy
  • Purpose and career
  • People-pleasing, co-dependency and attachment styles
  • Fears, insecurities and worries around pursuing your passions

All information is given as guidance only and is subject to your own personal interpretation. Any decisions and/or choices you make based on this guidance remain your sole personal and legal responsibility. I am not responsible for the outcome of the reading. The advice given is not intended to be a replacement for a licensed therapist.

All information provided to me will remain confidential and all information will be stored in accordance to GDPR laws.

I will send you your reading within 48 hours of purchase. Please don’t send any additional information after your initial request. However if you have any important questions, please email me:

I will do my absolute best to respond meaningfully to your question. Please provide as much context as you can to your question so that I can get a better sense of who you are, and what your dilemma is about that you need clarity on.


“I can’t thank Ash enough for supporting me during one of my most difficult times. It’s like she knew exactly what I needed to hear. Her words will stay with me for years to come.”

-Stephanie Lowland

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