October 1st: The Gratitude Journal


It’s October guys! I hope that everyone has a blissful month 🌻. The theme of this month is all about transition. Embracing change and making room for something greater. As the leaves fall on the ground and birth new ones, may this season remind us of the importance of letting go and allowing change to make the necessary shifts in our lives.

Octobers Affirmation:

You might not understand the chain of events or the transition you’re currently undergoing in your life right now. You might be wary of whether things will work out in your best interest. Note to self; not understanding your current circumstances is completely normal! Although things might not be clear to you at the moment, you will eventually understand why it was necessary to go through. Transition creates space for something greater. Uncomfortable change makes room for a necessary transformation in your life. Personal growth arrives when you embrace change and allow it to make you greater.

“I will take on this transitional phrase with ease. I may not make sense of it now but I will come to understand it in time.”

Question for you:

What changes are you currently undergoing?

What changes do you need to make room for?

Love Ash xx


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13 responses to “October 1st: The Gratitude Journal”

  1. “Just for the record darling. Not all change feels positive in the beginning.”~SC Lourie. Fall is the season of change. xx

    1. Yes that quote so true! I’ve currently been going through some changes and it’s been very difficult. I had an expectation that change was going to feel positive. Now I’m starting to gain peace with fact that it’s not always something you understand at the beginning nor is there a guarantee that change will feel good. Eventually we’ll understand why it was necessary to go through. Thanks for reading 💜

      1. My darling Ash. I’m sorry you have hit a rough patch in your journey, but change is messy girl!

        I look at it similar to this. We have these built-in bookshelves in our home. I walked by them over the weekend and noticed they were a mess. Not eye pleasing at all.

        So, I pulled everything off the shelves and reorganized them in an eye pleasing manner. It looked like a big mess at first, but the end result was worth it. Much love to you. xxx

      2. Very messy girl! I’ve wanted to give up on a few occasions because of it but mostly because of the uncertainty. Then I realized that it was necessary for my growth.

        Your insights are so helpful! I can see why you’re a writer, very talented. But yes you’re right. The end result is always worth it. I also ask myself- if there’s no change/ transition then how am I growing? In the mist of all the chaos, I will remind myself of that bookshelf analogy. 💜💜

      3. Yes love, the unknown is a frightening ledge. You are doing so good. I can sense your growth. Thank you for your kind words. You have a heart of pure gold lovely. xxx

      4. 💜🤗 that means a lot!

  2. This speaks so loudly to my situation right now. I’m kind of doing things without knowing how they’re all going to fit together or if they’ll even work out. It’s so frustrating! That being said, I think I need to make room for an attitude shift away wanting to control everything. As much as the type-A planner in me hates to admit it, sometimes there really is a need to just go with the flow and accept things for what they are. Hope this fall brings lots of positive changes for you!

    1. Yesss! It feels like you’re talking about my life haha. I have a tendency to control things too and when there’s a level of uncertainty I get extremely anxious. However I’ve realised that uncertainty/ uncomfortability is where growth and develop arrives. Do you feel like this is something you also do in your personal life? Also what tips would you offer to deal with this? I’ve love to know as I’m still learning the best way to come with this myself. Thank you, I wish us both success on our journeys✨💕

      1. Oh gosh, the anxiety hits SO HARD when things are uncertain!

        In terms of dealing with it, I think I’ve learned to shift my perspective away from the future and onto the present. Thinking about all the what ifs drives me crazy. It also helps me to just accept my feelings instead of feeling bad for feeling that way. To some extent, anxiety is normal, and it’s temporary. So I try to feel what I’m feeling and let it go. Journalling & prayer helps me with that.

        What about you? Is there something you do?

      2. Similar to you, I try to be present. Reminding myself it’s temporary and it will pass is reassuring. Also reminding myself that change is a good thing and it’s something I’ll understand eventually. Writing when I’m feeling low helps me analyse and understand my feeling better.
        Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. They’re very helpful 💜

  3. I agree with the above comment by Barb. And transition is not always made with ease whether or not we understand what is happening. The longer we live and the more transitions we go through it sometimes seems harder than ever to make that transition. At 73, I still don’t find transition easy though I do know it is necessary and will bring something greater into my life as I persevere through it. It’s only as I look to the Lord that I can make it through some transitions. But we do need to keep a positive attitude or we will make life much more difficult for ourselves and for others around us. Keep up that positive attitude, Ash! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your insight it’s very reassuring knowing that this is something completely normal to be anxious about. That’s so true! When we resist change/ transition we tend to hurt ourselves in the long run. It’s so beautiful how you have that perspective on transition- being something that will bring something greater in a persons life. I’ve found this to be true on so many occasions. Yess I will try my best to remain positive through uncertain times. Thank you for taking your time out 💜😊

  4. One change I need to make is more time for self care and not all of my life needs to be about developing hairpopp.com

    Also learning from others and from my past.

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