Moving from Hopeless to Hopeful

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How do you get from hopeless to hopeful? How do you bridge the gap between wanting to give up and deciding to try again? When you are in a state of feeling like giving up on life, the idea that you will one day feeling better again sounds like a far-reaching idea. Sometimes we go through difficult moments in our lives and it feels stuck in our pain. For some people, the pain becomes unbearable and convinces them to give up on life itself.

I know all too well the feeling of hopelessness. I remember years ago when I was depressed, I felt like my life couldn’t get any worse. For a person who feels hopeless, it feels like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. They resign to defeat and despair of their situation, believing that their circumstances are too difficult for them to overcome.

Going from hopeless to hopeful isn’t easy but it’s possible with a thing called faith. Hope arrives when you declare that you will continue to keep trying even if you can’t foresee what triumph looks like in the present moment. Faith is a declaration that no matter what happens, you will be okay eventually. It’s a knowing that you are infinitely loved and protected and that irrespective of your current pain, the universe/God/higher self, has your best interest at heart. Having faith is a constant reminder that moments of uncertainty will pass and that you are not here to suffer.

To go from hopeless to hopeful, one must also relinquish the comfort of despair and choose again to fight through the discomfort of low moods for a possible victory. When we are in a space of feeling low about ourselves it’s very easy to throw a pity party and become consumed with feeling sorry for ourselves. Naturally, the thought of trying to make a change and feel better is draining and often we find ourselves stuck in not knowing how to improve our situation. Our feelings of hopelessness end up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy with us constantly feeding into this narrative of despair and powerlessness. Choosing to ignore our power and our ability to help ourselves is easier than trying because trying means having to sit in the discomfort of one’s feelings to one-day hope to alleviate them.

In saying this, it’s important to recognise when you need to seek help. Depression/ low mood can make it extremely difficult to take action steps towards their recovery and require professional assistance and/or medication to do so. This is nothing to be ashamed about if you need intervention- It’s about taking any necessary steps to feel better.

Tips to help you regain hope:

Practice unwavering faith- Your reality does not have to match your conviction. Start to believe that things will get better even if you don’t see it now. Visualise your future self-making peace with your present situation and hold onto the vision and have faith that it will eventually become reality.

Reach out for help- It’s hard going through low moods alone and not having anyone you can confide in. Talk to a friend or family member and tell them how you’re feeling and what ways they can support you. If you need extra help or don’t have that support system, look for a support group near you or ask your GP to get you in contact with a therapist/counselling service.

Affirmation challenge- Lisa Nicols has an excellent affirmation challenge she did for 30 days that helped with her recovering from depression:
I’m proud that you x7 (things that celebrate yourself for)
I forgive you for x7 (things to cut the shackles of blame, shame, guilt and blame around)
I commit to you that (things that you will do for you)
Write affirmations on post stick notes and put them around your room. Make sure that the words resonate with you and move something inside of you make you feel better.

Small steps forwards- Challenge yourself to go on a walk, or do a breathing exercise for 5mins, watch something about how you are feeling. You don’t need to jump up and radically change your life (unless that’s what you want to do). You just need to take steps in the direction of feeling better. Make it your priority to make small progress each day.

Journalling- Write about how you are feeling. Allow the pen or keypad to just flow with the thoughts on your mind. Let all your feelings out regularly. Once you’ve gotten into the routine of writing your thoughts, begin to go over them and identify any ways of thinking that may be unhelpful. Ask yourself: Are these thoughts rational? What alternative ways can I think about this?


“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” ~ Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

“You were not bought onto this earth to merely suffer. It is your birthright to experience, joy, love, peace and prosperity. You are special by virtue of being you and no one can take that away from you. You have a special calling on your life and the world needs you to show them what overcoming any obstacle looks like. You are magnificent and powerful. Keep fighting through because the other end looks bright for you.” ~ Ash Alves

Question to you: 

What advice would you give to someone who has lost hope in life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

Love Ash, xx

13 responses to “Moving from Hopeless to Hopeful”

  1. Hey Ash, I enjoyed reading this post. I have been hopeless many times. First I would say always trust and believe God. Trust the timing of your life. Life is all about rhythm, it’s a lot of ups and downs. I believe in speaking positivity in my life, so using affirmation is great. Also give yourself a set time to grieve, but don’t grieve for to long. Life is what we make it. There is a solution for everything in life except death. So continue to know their is nothing in life that can’t be fixed.. peace and blessings

    1. Good comment . I think there is transitioning or reincarnating from one form life into another just like transformation of energy rather than ” death” .” Death ” is an end of a stage to begin another stage …

      1. Very interesting point raised! I agree- our difficult times often rebirth a new version of us & a transition into another stage in our life. It’s hard when you’re going through it but there’s usually a reason why it was necessary. Thank you for raising that point 💜

    2. This is beautiful Lawshawn- thank you so much for sharing. I agree with the sentiments. I think acknowledging that life has its ups and downs actually makes going through hard times a little bit easier because it removes the expectation that we are going to be happy all the time. Your points would make such a good part two of this. 💜

      1. Can’t wait to read part 2

  2. Inspiring and touchy. I have learned alot

    1. Thank you so much I appreciate it 💜

  3. Having faith and believing in God is the solution when you feel hopeless because if you know God then you will understand that challenges that you face are not there to destroy you but to make you stronger…remember God will never allow you to face any challenge that is bigger than you.

    1. Yes I agree wholeheartedly! It’s difficult when one constantly goes through defeats but having faith that it will pass & that you will overcome it helps get through the most darkest times. I’m glad you understand! Thank you for stopping by 💞

      1. Amen to that…

  4. I feel that hope comes with faith and knowing that life’s difficulties will not last always. Sometimes, it’s just a way to strengthen us for our continued purpose and journey on earth. Our purpose is bigger than that moment.

    1. You’re so right! We have to use our pain to strengthen us and remind us that this moment shall pass. There’s peace knowing that even if it’s hard in the present moment, it will not always be the case. Glad you understand and thank you for commenting 💜

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