It’s been a minute: Life update and finding my ground again.

Hey guys,

It’s been a minute since I’ve written a blog post here, more than two years to be exact. I have missed sharing my reflections, reading your blog posts and engaging in meaningful dialogue. I’m so happy to be back. I missed this space so much!

Lately, I’ve been feeling a strong urge to return back to blogging. Blogging always felt like a safe space for me to explore the inner landscape of my thoughts and reflections. I’ve been pouring my energy into developing my other social media platforms however I must say, nothing feels as authentic as blogging. To me, blogging is a place where you can truly express yourself, where you take your time to dissect your thoughts and opinions on topics that interest you. I’ve been caught up in quick information sharing online but I feel lately that it’s not enough. I don’t want to be another content creator, satisfying people’s need for instant gratification. I don’t want to be another IG quote writer- it’s always been about much more for me.

I started writing about healing and self-empowerment in 2017. Blogging was the first outlet for me to talk about my journey and offer guidance on how to move through similar challenges in life. Sharing my writings unfolded a new path for me that was unimaginable before. Fast forward, I launched my first debut booked in April 2021 called A Warriors Reminder, founded an organisation Warrior Reminder and have amassed a large global audience through my writings. I am super blessed.
I have endless gratitude for where I am today and for all the people who have supported me along the way. Whilst I acknowledge deep down how blessed I am, lately, I’ve been feeling this urge to return back to where it all began. I feel called to ground myself in the roots of what led me to everything I’ve done since starting my blog. Whilst navigating through the constantly changing social media landscape, I’ve been finding myself questioning my writing and feeling the urge to stop putting my work out in the world. I am losing ground and need to find my feet again.

In an age of instant gratification and this pressure to be visible, it’s so easy to lose sight of why you started to pursue your passion in the first place. Me writing this blog post is me returning back to where it all began, stripping back the layers and returning back to basics. I do plan on doing more blog posts soon. I have a few ideas in mind for some topics but I will allow spirit to lead the way. I’m looking forward to sharing more reflections with you and offering you tips to help you on your healing journey.

Until next time, look after yourselves!

Love, ash x

4 responses to “It’s been a minute: Life update and finding my ground again.”

  1. Welcome back! Sometimes in order to grow and go to where God is leading us, He will often take us back to humble beginnings. Look to reading more blog posts soon!

  2. Welcome back! Sometimes, before we can grow or go where God is leading us, He will often bring us back to our humble beginnings. 🙂Looking forward to seeing where He takes you next.

    1. Thanks so much Deetra! You’re so right. Sometimes we’ve got to go back in order to go forward. Grateful to be reminded of my WHY during this season. Thanks for reminding me of this! Sending love ❤️🙏🏾✨

  3. How wonderful that you are back to blogging! I so agree that there’s nothing like it 🙂

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