I found myself

What about if I told you that those moments when you’re alone exist for you to rediscover yourself again? Appreciate those quiet moments as they will bring you closer to yourself.

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I hope you all have a lovely week ahead.

Love Ash, xx

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41 responses to “I found myself”

  1. Self discovery is the best thing that can happen to anyone

    1. I agree! It’s so important & being alone gives you that opportunity too ☺️🌷

      1. ‘nough said.

  2. Ah! Beautiful!❤️

    1. Aw thank you so much 💖

  3. It’s amazing..

    1. Thank you for reading 💜🌷

  4. I love this! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Aww thank you! I hope you have a good week ahead 💜

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely🌹

    1. Thank you for reading! ☺️🌷

  6. I totally agree! I always learn a lot more about myself in times of loneliness. Hard but worth it.

    1. Yes! It’s so hard but when we sit with that emptiness we become so much more self aware and begin to accept ourselves. Thanks for stopping by ☺️💜

  7. Ash – that’s exactly what I’m doing today. Reconnecting with self. 💜🌸

    1. Always time well spent! I hope you enjoyed spending time with yourself ☺️💜

    1. Thank you Abhin!! ☺️

  8. Such a beautiful journey. Nothing like finding yourself in the end❣️

  9. Yes, that moment when we begin the process of self-examination by telling the truth to ourselves about ourselves.

    We spend so much time trying to fix who we are; we rarely get to know ourselves.

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Couldn’t have said it better. We spend so much time moving & responding to everything outside of ourselves. It’s very important to take that time out to get to know who we are. Thank you I hope you have a lovely week ahead 🌷☺️

  10. Great learning

    1. I know right! Thank you for reading 😊

  11. Thanks for sharing valuable knowledge…a life changer, door to ultimate happiness… thanks ay

  12. Praises up. Love it!!!

    1. Thank you!! I appreciate that a lot 💖

  13. I agree beautiful! Self amazing!

    1. Indeed! Thank you my love 😊🌷

  14. Beautiful lines ❤❤

    1. Thank you Anisha, have a good day ☺️💜

      1. Welcome 😁😁😁❤

  15. “I found my self.”
    Solitude is key to self discovery.


  16. Beautiful post

    1. Thank you my love ☺️💞

  17. Often, the hardest thing to do is loving the person that we will spend every day of our lives with… Ourselves!

    1. Yes the hardest thing! When we finally love ourselves, it changes our world💞

  18. I love it ♡♡

    1. Thank you love 💞

  19. That’s a great hit i love the article thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you I appreciate that Linda ☺️🌻

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