Discomfort- A shift is happening

Hey guys,
I hope you are having a blessed 2020 so far. I wanted to share my thoughts some of my thoughts with you. January has been great so far but I’ve been feeling very uncomfortable. Am I the only one or have you been feeling the same?
I feel like there’s a universal shift going on and we are being forced to make changes. Old ways of thinking and being no longer serve a purpose in our lives. We are being called to let go of things, people, patterns that no longer add value to our lives. We are being called to look into the foundations we have built over time and reconstruct what no longer works.
We are feeling more uncomfortable doing things that we once we accepted and possibly enjoyed. We are being called to let go of those excuses that kept us away from our true lives calling. We are being called to hold ourselves more accountable.
Sometimes we have to go through discomfort for a better version of us to emerge. Don’t give up in this period of discomfort. Hold on and trust the process. What is coming will be grander than what’s past.
Question to you:
What are you being called to let go of and embrace in this new year?
Would love to hear your personal reflections!
Love Ash, xx

12 responses to “Discomfort- A shift is happening”

  1. Yes I’m definitely feeling this… being in a place of discomfort and having to let go of people that weren’t serving me.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yess, that’s a major change. I feel like January was forcing to really let go of things that Are no longer serving us. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend 💞

  2. This makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Right! Thank you for reading and all the best to you this year 💞

  3. I suffered falling apart in november and december 2019, as if my everything changed… My parents thought i was in depression and so did I. Yes, a very very tough time but yes it has changed my every foundation.. i am different now. I can feel it.. transformation my dear for the emergement of a better you.

    1. Love this! You turned your pain into a growth lesson and let it transform you. This is amazing- sometimes it takes a dark time for us to really become more satisfied with ourselves. Thank you for sharing, this is nice to hear 💞

  4. Oh my goodness, yes, I’ve been uncomfortable with certain things happening and have thought the same as you – that we are being called to letting go of certain situations. I was thinking those situations are things that no longer serve us. Paradigm shifts. I’m not glad you’re uncomfortable too, but am glad I found someone to relate with this on.

    1. Finally someone can relate! Such a weird energy right? Almost feels like a purge but it makes sense especially as we’ve entered a new decade to finally let go. All the best on your journey and hoping you are feeling much lighter now 💗

      1. Yes, it is a weird energy, and I also see other people and things going on that seem like it’s a collective thing. It might be that I see these things because I’m going through it though, I don’t know. My daughter is also noticing it. I am feeling lighter now, but it’s off and on. Are you feeling lighter?

      2. Yeah I’m feeling much lighter! I felt a lot of emotional weight just lifted recently. I don’t feel the intensity of some things anymore that I’ve been carrying for a while. I also think it’s because we’ve learned how to deal with things better 💞

      3. I’m glad to hear that Ash!

  5. This was prophetic!

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