Be clear about Who You Are!

Hey loves,

It’s been a few weeks since I stopped by. I’m attempting to balance other priorities whilst giving myself space for my creative expression without imposing a deadline. I’m giving myself permission to go off schedule. We are still in a pandemic. I’m letting go of the idea that I need to constantly produce content to feel valued and worthy. I miss posting but these breaks have allowed me the space to nurture other creative endeavours.

Anyways back to the purpose of this post. We’ve only got 6 months left until the end of 2020. I feel like there’s a global shift of consciousness happening right now in the wake of Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter. One of the main lessons I learned over the past couple months is that life is short. It’s time to let go of expectations of how we should or shouldn’t live. It’s time to stop silencing ourselves about oppression and speak up. Life is too short to be straggling the fence and playing it safe.

There’s no more time to stay in the shadows, going through like trying to please everyone. It’s time to use your voice to stand for something, whether that’s publicly or privately. It’s time to align your actions with what you stand for. It’s time to let go of these facades that we’ve been holding onto for protection. You won’t be for everyone. Stop trying to be! ⠀

It’s 2020!! You need to start getting clear about the following:

  1. Who are you? ⠀
  2. What do you stand for?⠀
  3. What causes do you align yourself with?

Of course your answers are going to shift overtime as you find new ways to redefine yourself. However you need to start getting clear about who you are right now. When you don’t know YOU, you will lose yourself trying to be for everyone. ⠀

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A Gentle Reminder:

Anyone who doesn’t respect who you are doesn’t deserve you. ⠀

Anyone who relies on your silence to make them feel comfortable doesn’t deserve you. ⠀

Anyone who tried to diminish your accomplishments doesn’t deserve you. ⠀


Question to you:

  1. What are you grateful for?⠀


Love Ash, xx

11 responses to “Be clear about Who You Are!”

  1. Your intuition or inner guidance system or instruction system or instruction system or heart or sixth sense or whatever you call could cooperate with your mind to find your purpose and be guided to your purpose and goodness …

  2. Sing in the voice of liberty ,
    And allow the grace to be ,
    Know the truth everyone,
    For the truth would set you free ,
    Martin Luther is a true king ,
    Glowing like a star in the universal sky and sea ,
    Singing joy , growing like mighty tree ,
    All inspired by God , to unite ,
    And ignite the power of global we ,
    The greatest good awaits  , you and  me …

  3. I am grateful for having the courage to be me, and the simple things in life.

    It so important to like a balanced life and truthful to ourself

    1. Amazing! I love to hear that. It’s great that you can be yourself and be true to who you are. And I completely agreed, it’s so important 💜

  4. Your so right. Being accepted as who you are. Otherwise they don’t deserve you 💛

    1. Exactly! And it doesn’t make them a bad person- it just means that they aren’t for us. Thank you for reading my post 💜

  5. You are absolutely right… ❤️💜

  6. You go girl. I live the message in your blog. So powerful and the right words for the modern women. Keep blogging. I would love to see more of your empowering words. Good day 😘✌🌸🌸

  7. “Anyone who doesn’t respect who you are doesn’t deserve you.” I really loved that line. It’s so true!

    1. Thank you for reading my blog post Glad that resonated with you. It’s so important that we know our value 💜

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