My Approach

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I aim to hold space for self-enquiry and offer you the insights to help you overcome any obstacles are facing. I will support you by giving you the tools and strategies to embody your divinity.

I use universal understanding to help guide and assist you towards wholeness. By helping you expand your mindset outside of your reality, you will be able to see your divine path and open up to life beyond your limitations. My approach includes supporting you in finding frameworks that help you understand yourself. Spirituality helps awaken to your inner alchemist and, my role as your spiritual life coach is to guide you towards your inner healer. 

You are a seed of God. Your goal is to return back to wholeness. You are here to alchemise your pain. You are here to integrate your shadow. You are here to break the generational curses that are stored in your DNA. You are here to disrupt the pattern.

If you’re unable to see outside of your circumstances, you won’t activate the fullness of what you are here on earth to do. Fear and insecurity are low vibrational frequencies. They take us away from our power. However, they are normal; a spiritual life coach isn’t supposed to give you a quick fix. You may experience discomfort during your coaching sessions because you have unprocessed emotions that need to be released. Doing the work means daring to look within even when it’s uncomfortable. Spiritual by-passing holds no place in my practice. 

The universe wants to give you what you desire, but you must be willing to see things differently. Life is not happening to you but through you. When we understand that there’s a silver lining, you focus on the lessons you’re supposed to learn through your experiences and how they are being used to help build the person you are becoming. Our ultimate life lesson is self-love and having the courage to follow the guidance that comes from our higher selves. Our ultimate life purpose is to experience JOY! Life is a constant feedback loop. It’s always telling us something but we’ve just got to slow down enough to pay attention. Once we observe what is happening, we become aware of our behaviours, patterns, beliefs, and how we are co-creators in our reality.

With that being said, I want to make it clear that I don’t practice any particular tradition, though I have certain traditions that I lean towards and draw upon. I may draw upon those within my practice alongside other schools of thought. As an Integrative healing advocate, I will use whatever I think will support you. Essentially my aim as a coach isn’t to help people with their spiritual practices but to guide and hold space for self-inquiry and emotional healing. ⠀

My Clients

You may be struggling with the following:

  • Feeling left behind and not confident enough to pursue your goals 
  • Unable to cope with the intensity of your emotions
  • Struggling to feel at peace in your friendships and relationships
  • Stuck in shame for being highly-sensitive 
  • Stuck in a cycle of feeling like you’re not good enough
  • Not sure how to trust yourself and connect to your intuition
  • Stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and comparison
  • Battling with jealousy and insecurities that you can’t yet overcome
  • Feeling lost and unsure about what steps to take next in your life
  • Feeling lonely and unsupported on your current life journey 
  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and need space to be yourself and talk about what’s bothering you
  • Finding it hard to stick up for yourself and express your needs
  • Feeling disconnected from who you are

If you will be ready to work with me if you: 

  • Want to make a change and get out of your way
  • Want to pursue your passions and need some direction
  • Want to find your identity outside of your trauma  
  • Want to gain clarity and perspective on their issues
  • Want to become more self-aware and emotionally regulated
  • Want to gain the courage to overcome current obstacles 
  • Want more peace and serenity in their lives and want to stop attracting toxic situations

Please note that I will turn potential clients away who I know I cannot support and may need support from a licensed therapist. For me to provide something meaningful, I want to be clear about the types of clients I don’t want to work with. Please don’t enquire if: 1) Your personal beliefs are harmful to the safety of other black + brown people. 2) You are homophobic and unwilling to question your prejudices.

Pick My Brains Coaching Session

One session, no long term commitment required

60 minutes session, Zoom call

Cost: £30

This session will help you to gain clarity and perspective on the obstacles that you are currently experiencing in your life. My responsibility is to help you move through your internal blocks. This session is great if you want a safe space for you to untangle your thoughts and gain an understanding on what’s holding you back. Becoming your fully embodied true self doesn’t happen overnight, however this session is designed to help you tap into your inner power. Get out of being stuck, stagnant and finally move towards your joy and inner peace.

To book your coaching session, please fill out the following form:

Once you’ve booked, you will be sent a confirmation email and I will send you the Zoom link alongside an Invoice and Contractual Agreement prior to the session.

If you have any questions about my coaching service, please contact me using the following form:

Pick my brainsSession 1


“Ash is a great listener who asks the right questions. She made me feel safe to express myself and explore some hard topics. After only one session with her, I was able to gain a better understanding of myself, the things I need to work on, and the tools that can help me with that. I highly recommend working with Ash.”

-Nadja Ihlenfeld

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